The Northeast Kansans for Nebraska Alumni Chapter was formed in 1999 to bring together Husker fans from Topeka and the surrounding northeastern Kansas area. The purpose of the club is to support the University of Nebraska by providing Husker fans and its alumni the opportunity to get together and enjoy sporting events, as well as club events such as family picnics and other outings.  The chapter also provides three scholarships to local students attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Join the Northeast Kansans for Nebraska. 

Leaders for the chapter are:

  • Jim Edwards, President:
  • Susan Vargas, Treasurer
  • Jolene Frevert, Assistant Treasurer
  • Randy Lambrecht, Vice President
  • Ethel Edwards, Communications Director
  • Jim Edwards, Temporary Secretary
  • Ken Softley, Ex-Officio Board Member
  • Gary McGirr, President Emeritus

Please contact us with questions