Even Chuck Norris wishes he could be Grant Wistrom With 77% of the vote, Grant Wistrom is your ultimate Husker rush end.
Here is a sampling of the Big Red Cobcast’s Wistrom crush tweets.

FACT: Criminals are too scared to steal @GrantWistrom’s social security number. #WistromWednesday #WW #Huskers #GBR— Big Red Cobcast (@bigredcobcast) July 16, 2020

FACT: @GrantWistrom uses two sets of pool balls to play billiards. One for the game and one for snacking. #WistromWednesday #WW #Huskers #GBR— Big Red Cobcast (@bigredcobcast) July 15, 2020

FACT: @GrantWistrom trims his toenails with a chainsaw. #WistromWednesday #WW #Huskers #GBR— Big Red Cobcast (@bigredcobcast) July 15, 2020

Up Next?
Check the comments. I’m guessing Brew has our next bracket ready to go.

Source: Corn Nation