Ninety episodes in. What new things does the Cobcast crew have to talk about? Hint: It’s still toilet humor. Plus, Tyronn Lue, recruiting and Husker NFL hopefuls.

We Nebraskans sure love the 90s. Which is why it gives me great pleasure to say that we have reached episode no. 90 in the history of the Big Red Cobcast. Yeah, 90. Who would have thought there would be 90 episodes of us questioning each others’ intelligence? Ninety episodes of genital and fart jokes? So what did we do to celebrate? We ran Tweedy off and recorded an episode without our founding member. Yeah, it got extra nerdy in Cobcast HQ this week, as it was Mike and me. There’s significantly less shouting without Tweedy this week, but the fart jokes remain. Different members of the Cobcast crew may come and go from week to week, but the fart jokes will never leave. You know what else won’t be leaving over the next 90 episodes? Killer interviews. We’ve had everyone from Matt Davison to Charlie McBride to astronaut Clayton Anderson to Tim Miles to Christian Peter to Eric Lueshen to Taylor Martinez on the show. Expect more of that in the coming year. But for now, listen to our takes on recruiting, Nebraska’s NFL draft hopefuls and Tyronn Lue. If you won’t do it for us, do it for the fart jokes.

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Source: Corn Nation