Because It’s the Offseason and you need a fix of real football! It’s the end of May.
Nebraska baseball is done.
Football season is more than three months from kickoff, and more than two months from the start of Fall practice. It is the long dark tea time of the soul we call the off-season.
You think the off-season is bad for you, the fan, right? Yeah, well, it’s worse to be in the business of writing about Nebraska sports WHEN THERE ARE NO NEBRASKA SPORTS to write about. There’s only so many game previews CN can do. There are only so many different ways I can say “Scott Frost is a really good coach” using statistics.
One way we can all feed our Husker habit is by watching old highlight videos on YouTube.
One way I can make Jon happy by adding a bit of content is by curating a bunch of them for you. So here’s 9 of my favorites. I invite you to submit yours in the comments.

First up, a collection of great Nebraska plays selected by Adam Carriker. It’s a good mix, and it’s hard to argue with his choices. I especially liked the way he ended the video. Is it dusty where you’re at too?

Remember when Lee Corso had the hottest take of the 1995 season…that Nebraska couldn’t play on grass?

Staying in the 90s, here’s a reminder of how dominating the Blackshirts were.

Some say Rich Glover was the GOAT Blackshirt, but I’m a strong believer in recency bias, so I’m gonna go with Suh as the GOAT. He toyed with Colt McCoy during the Big 12 Championship Game like my dog playing with a chew toy.

Admit it. For the first half of the 2010 season you thought Taylor Martinez was a Heisman winner. He sure seemed like Superman. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Pelini had burned his redshirt in 2009…NU was a National Champion-caliber defense and a high school offense in 2009. Oh well….

Brook Berringer is my all-time favorite Husker. To me, he is the epitome of what it means to be a Nebraskan…humble, decent, hard working. I named my golden retriever Berringer. I challenge you to not get misty eyed with one.

This one needs a disclosure. Ryan Tweedy put this video together. He, Joe Canale, and Pat Jansen do the Cobcast podcast, and I’ve been a guest on the podcast a few times. That had nothing to do with this selection. It’s an amazing version of “Come a Runnin’” by the Killigans and some pretty sweet Husker highlights too.
I think this should be the new Tunnel Walk music, but no one has asked me yet.

There’s a few familiar faces in this one. I almost feel bad for Mizzou.

Finally, the single greatest moment in Husker history. We have 5 national championships, 3 Heisman winners, and countless other hardware in the trophy cases, but nothing gives me chills the way this does. This is why I’m a Husker fan.
What did I miss?

Source: Corn Nation