It’s getting harder to say goodbye to some of these players as this bracket moves forward. We’ve had some upsets in past brackets, but this one only features one of the top four seeds in the final matchups. It shows how hard it is to seed fullbacks. It also shows how hard it is to compare players from decades ago with players of recent times.
For many CN fans, I think we’d have been perfectly content with a Tom Rathman vs Cory Schlesinger matchup for the championship. For a school with Nebraska’s proud history of fullbacks, it is not surprising that such a matchup occurred in the second round.
Tony Davis pulled the upset over #1 seed Dick Davis. “Tough Tony” certainly has the hair credentials (see his Huskers bio link) to make his way into Husker lore – oh, and his play on the field.
We also have both Makovicka brothers still alive in the final four. Our mad bracket scientist Brew made sure that a Makovicka v Makovicka final was a possibility. Can Jeff stonewall Tom Rathman? Can Joel get past Tough Tony?
I guess the votes will tell all.

Final Four
2) Tom Rathman – His 881 yds in 1985 is the best ever for a Husker FB (7.5 per!). Hitting the century mark 4X is also best ever for a Husker FB. ( bio)
6) Jeff Mackovica – Big Bro steamrolled LBs for two straight Championship teams, averaged 6.3 yds/carry ( bio)

5) Joel Mackovica – 2X AAA. Dr. Mackovica, D.P.T., tied for the FB record of 9 TDs in one season (’97), set the FB record with 3 TDs in one game (OU, ’97). ( bio)
8) Tony Davis –Underrated on both the FB and IB list because he played both. Ended his career as Nebraska’s all-time leading rusher (2,445)!! ( bio)

Tom Rathman

This one is more about his time with the 49ers, but I still think you’ll enjoy it.

Joel Makovicka

Jeff Makovicka
I couldn’t find any videos about Jeff (huh, what?) Best I could do was this recap of 1995 Nebraska vs Ok State in which Jeff ran the ball 6 times for 55 yards.

Tony Davis

Source: Corn Nation