One of the main focuses of our local chapter of the University of Nebraska Alumni Association is to support the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) and to provide general scholarships to local students who attend UNL.

Since 2001, Northeast Kansans for Nebraska has been able to provide 30 students with more than $28,000 in scholarships from money that our members have contributed through donations to the Road to Nebraska Scholarship Campaign as well as bidding on and purchasing auction items at our various events.  Currently, we provide two students from Northeast Kansas each with a $1,500 scholarship each year.

This year our Road to Nebraska fundraising campaign raised over $2,500.  Thank you to the donors listed below who helped make the campaign such a success.

All American – $250

  • Mike & Carol Cast
  • Marc & Susan Synovec
  • Mike & Dori Murphy in Honor of Graham Murphy
  • Jim & Ethel Edwards

 All Conference – $100 or more

  • Ron Kassebaum
  • Tom & Cynthia Enstrom
  • Bill & Gail Eliason
  • Chuck Morrow
  • Byron Low
  • Jolene Frevert
  • Kurt Kuda
  • Bryan & Susan Vargas

 Varsity – $50

  • Scott Ferguson
  • John & Carol Feek
  • Randy & Donna Lambrecht
  • Mike & Bev Morris
  • Fred Preston
  • Anonymous (2)

 Walk-on – $25

  • Ken Softley