There was only one upset in the first round, what will Round Two bring? The seedings in the first round held sans one, Neil Smith upset Walter Barnes to move onto the Elite Eight. But, now he moves on to a matchup with Suh. That is some serious defensive line talent to be battling in a second-round match!
Polls close late afternoon on Tuesday. I’ll get the next article up on Wednesday.
Brew used the same formula for the DL seedings as he did for the rush end. Here’s a reminder:
4 points for cuAA, 3 for cAA, 2 for AA, 1 for AC, and I added 1 for winning the Outland (although that didn’t change any seedings, so it was pointless). Ties were broken by draft position and I chose the 15 and 16 seeds among a bunch of 1-pointers. Some really good players didn’t make the list, this might be the deepest position in Nebraska history.
c = consensusu = unanimousAA = All-AmericanAC = All-Conference

1) Rich Glover – (8 pts) Outland, Lombardi, cuAA, AA, 2X AC. Made 22 tackles in the Game of the Century. The most ever in a game for a non-LB. That’s coming up big when it counts! ( bio)
8) Larry Jacobson – (5), Outland, cAA, AC. Academic AA. His Outland was Nebraska’s first major individual award. ( bio)

2) Ndamukong Suh – (7) Outland, cuAA 2X AC. Most dominant season ever for a defensive player. 7 TFL & 4.5 sacks in a conference title game. That’s coming up big when it counts! ( bio)
10) Neil Smith – (3) AA, AC. Nebraska’s most accomplished defensive pro. One of only 34 NFL players to top 100 sacks. ( bio)

3) Wayne Meylan – (6) 2X cAA, 2X AC. Set records for season and career tackles (still tops for DL), blocked 3 punts in 1966 taking 2 back for TDs. ( bio)
6) Jason Peter – (5) cAA, 2X AC. 3X National Champ, less crazy than Christian ( bio)

4) John Dutton – (5) cuAA, AC. No, not Kevin Costner! The real John Dutton cracked skulls for the Huskers in the early 70′s. A top-5 pick, he played 14 years in the NFL. ( bio)
5) Danny Noonan – (5) cuAA, AC. Only player to ever tally double digit sacks in consecutive years, 12 (’86) & 11 (’85). ( bio)


Source: Corn Nation