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There’s no preseason hype for our beloved Huskers! released the unofficial Big Ten preseason poll today. Everyone in the media votes on this stuff, although not us because we’re not “media” sometimes although we are others. Bless and pray for those real media guys, I hope they all keep their jobs. That is NOT sarcasm.
Our beloved Huskers were picked to finish fourth in the Big Ten West behind Wisconsin, Minnesota, and those stinky hog-growing dirtbags from Iowa. There is no preseason hype going into the 2020 season, which might be all right given it will be the most “asterisk” season anyone will remember.
In a surprise (NOT), Ohio State was picked to win the Big Ten by everyone involved except for one person who must have said to themselves, “Let’s at least make this interesting…” while picking Penn State.
Ohio State’s Justin Fields was voted the favorite to win the Offensive Player of the Year, while Penn State’s Micah Parsons garnered the award on the defensive side of the ball.
Purdue’s Rondale Moore finished second offensively, with Rashod Bateman of Minnesota finishing third. Full results are below. Note there is no mention of Wan’Dale Robinson, but some boob felt necessary to vote for Ohio State’s center, Josh Myers. Cute. That and David Bell gets a mention, but no Wan’Dale. Screw you media people.
Robinson finished 6th in All-Purpose yardage last season, but gets no mention in all this? Not even a single vote? Not even from Nebraska’s media? WHAT THE HELL!
There were no Nebraska players mentioned on the defensive side of the ball either, because, dear God, do we even have a defense anymore? Sorry, it’s a depressing morning. Were I more positive right now, I’d say something along the lines of “THIS IS JUST MORE FUEL FOR OUR BELOVED BLACKSHIRTS TO PROVE EVERYONE WRONG!” WOoooooO!!!!
Here’s how the preseason picking went. Note that Minnesota wasn’t too far behind Wisconsin in the West. And then somebody voted for Northwestern to finish first, obviously because they’re smarter than everyone else, probably already have a working vaccine that turns their superbrain players into superhumans. It’s only a matter of time before the Wildcats are our new overlords. Boy, won’t that suck.

Ohio State 237 points (33 first-place votes)
Penn State 204 points (1)
Michigan 169 points
Indiana 134 points
Michigan State 94 points
Maryland 76 points
Rutgers 38 points


Wisconsin 221 points (19)
Minnesota 209.5 (14)
Iowa 157 points
Nebraska 117 points
Purdue 105 points
Northwestern 87.5 points (1)
Illinois 55 points


Justin Fields, Ohio State QB, 101 points (33 first-place votes)

Rondale Moore, Purdue WR, 38 points

Rashod Bateman, Minnesota WR, 33 points (1)

Tanner Morgan, Minnesota QB, 16 points

Journey Brown, Penn State RB, 4 points

Pat Freiermuth, Penn State TE, 4 points

Wyatt Davis, Ohio State OG, 2 points

David Bell, Purdue WR, 1 point

Alaric Jackson, Iowa OT, 1 point

Josh Myers, Ohio State C, 1 point

Chris Olave, Ohio State WR, 1 point
Michael Penix, Indiana QB, 1 point

Trey Sermon, Ohio State RB, 1 point


Micah Parsons, Penn State LB, 102 points (34 first-place votes)

Shaun Wade, Ohio State CB, 33 points

George Karlaftis, Purdue DE, 20 points

Paddy Fisher, Northwestern LB, 17 points

Kwity Paye, Michigan DL, 11 points

Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan DL, 6 points

Zach Harrison, Ohio State DE, 3 points

Jack Sanborn, Wisconsin LB, 2 points

Antjuan Simmons, Michigan State LB, 2 points

Source: Corn Nation