Follow along as we all run our virtual race this year! The day (well, technically week) our fearless leader has scolded us all into registering for has arrived. The official virtual race week is here! With that in mind, we plan to bring you a fun recap of the hilariously awful race experiences we all plan to experience throughout the week.
Whether you are racing yourself or not, please consider making a donation to Jon’s cause here.

So be sure to keep an eye on the stream here and check back all week long as we each clock in our own 10k/5k virtual race recap and assure you each one of us managed to survive our run/walk. Just so you can keep track, all the “writers” here at CN that signed up include:
Jon JohnstonNate McHughBrianna ClarkBeth MerriganKevin (Sparty, and yes he is running under MSU affiliation)Patrick GerhartGreg Mehochko
As for each recap, you can find them all easily below as they’re published.

Source: Corn Nation