There were some tough choices in the first round. Which I-backs made it through to the second round? Sorry everyone! The week got away from me and I didn’t get this up in the middle of the week like I planned. The #1 seed, Mike Rozier cruised through his matchup. The #2 seed, Bobby Reynolds had a closer matchup but still emerged with 73% of the vote. Third seed, Abdullah, and the fourth seed, Green, didn’t even break a sweat in their matchups.
For the most part, the seeding held true, except when it came to the #6 vs #11 where Lawrence Phillips pulled the upset over Roy Helu Jr.

These polls will close Tuesday and I’ll put up the results late on Tuesday or on Wednesday.
1) Mike Rozier – 2X All-American, Heisman trophy winner, seasons of 900+, 1600+, and 2100+ rushing yards (good lord!).
8) Rex Burkhead – Mr. Versatile. He ran, he caught, he blocked, he threw!

2) Bobby Reynolds – Yes, seriously! In 1950 he was an All-American and averaged 17.5 points per game; nearly 3 TDs!! per game!! Career cut short by “lime in the eye”.
7) Jeff Kinney – Premier back on 2 National Title teams. AA

3) Ameer Abdullah – Three seasons of 1000+ rushing yards. Eleven 100+ yard rushing games in one season.
11) Lawrence Phillips – Over 1700 yards in 1994. Possibly the most physically talented back to ever play at Nebraska.

4) Ahman Green – True freshman pressed into duty under bad circumstances: 1086 yards, 7.7 yds/rush, Natty! Packers all-time rushing leader.
5) Guy Chamberlain – George Halas: “Chamberlin was the best 2-way end I’ve ever seen…a triple-threat performer on offense.” Went 23-0-1.

Source: Corn Nation