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A position switch on the offensive line could make Nebraska even better up front in 2020. Did you know (I didn’t) that Nebraska once had the world’s fastest man on their track team?
As a former track athlete, I may find this more fascinating than you, but I think this is even more fun than researching a #1 football draft pick. He apparently was quite a character. In the article below, they mention that he always wore sunglasses, but refused to call them sunglasses. He said they were his “re-entry shields”. When you are the fastest man in the world, you can say things like that.
Nebraska’s Greene Equals 100-Yard World Record ::: USTFCCCAHistory couldn’t wait for Nebraska’s Charlie Green.
Apparently, he ended up at Nebraska because his mother chose the school over others to which he had scholarship offers. She wanted him to be in a less volatile (racially speaking) environment. A Sports Illustrated article expands on his lack of humility (I recommend reading it – it even mentions one of our OL bracket entrants in Bob Brown.)
I can imagine his showmanship being an asset with the new name, image and likeness movement in college sports today.
Twitter might not be [entirely] a cesspool of terrible-ness
These photo-shopped images of Big Ten coaches as women is pretty good. The Scott Frost one is completely believable as his sister. Harbaugh is the supervisor you never want to cross. I also think the one of Paul Chryst reminds me of one of the characters from “A League of Her Own”.— Connor Muldowney (@Connormuldowney) June 17, 2020— Connor Muldowney (@Connormuldowney) June 17, 2020— Connor Muldowney (@Connormuldowney) June 17, 2020

Frosted Flakes
Husker Golf Adds Graduate Transfer Duan – University of NebraskaThe Nebraska women’s golf team has added University of Washington transfer Alice Duan to the Husker roster for the 2020-21 season, Coach Lisa Johnson announced on
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Matt Farniok’s position switch opens door for young Husker offensive linemen | Football | omaha.comDespite losing most of its spring practices and returning all five starters, Nebraska expects its offensive line to look different this season.
I think many Husker fans predicted this given Benhart’s potential and the shaky play at one guard position in 2019.
Lincoln High grad Wynne comes home to pitch for Huskers | Husker Baseball | norfolkdailynews.comCam Wynne was a junior at Lincoln High when he started pitching competitively. He found he could throw harder than just about everyone.
Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308
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More Noise and Other Disturbances
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Did they forget their GPS?
Man emerges from 75-day silent retreat with tweet: ‘Did I miss anything?’ | Fox NewsOne man won a legion of fans online when he revealed he had been on a solitary retreat for 75 days, only to return to May with a triumphant tweet: ‘Did I miss anything?’
The Closest Thing I Could Find for the Poop Section This Week
Study investigates potential for gut microbiome to alter drug safety and efficacyPrinceton University researchers have developed an approach for studying how the gut microbiome chemically alters oral medications, unlocking possibilities for improving efficacy, reducing side effects and creating drugs personalized to an individual’s microbiome.
Then There’s This
This image has exactly twelve dots, but it’s impossible to see them all at once | Popular ScienceWhen our eyes dart around the entire scene, the black dots move into and out of our visual field, making them seem as if they are flickering on and off.
The video below seems like a fun commercial…until you image an army of these things showing up to take over your town.

The band had to stop and let him flex— E-zrael Ani (@EzraelAni) June 14, 2020

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