Another position group where the Huskers boast some amazing talent and prodcution It’s time for the I-backs! As Brew put it “Slightly less glamorous than OL, I know.”
Even if it is less glamorous than the offensive line, the level of talent and productivity the Husker fans have watched at that position is probably among the best collection any college football team could put together. When the 16 seed is an All-American and #1 overall draft pick, you know there is some serious talent in this group.

Without further ado, here are your polls. They will close early Wednesday afternoon and I’ll put up the results late on Wednesday or on Thursday.
1) Mike Rozier – 2X All-American, Heisman trophy winner, seasons of 900+, 1600+, and 2100+ rushing yards (good lord!).
16) Sam Francis – All-American, First overall draft pick in 1937, Olympic shot putter, US Army Lieutenant Colonel.

2) Bobby Reynolds – Yes, seriously! In 1950 he was an All-American and averaged 17.5 points per game; nearly 3 TDs!! per game!! Career cut short by “lime in the eye”.
15) Marlon Lucky – Nebraska’s most prolific receiving I-Back.

3) Ameer Abdullah – Three seasons of 1000+ rushing yards. Eleven 100+ yard rushing games in one season.
14) Derek Brown – Two 1000+ yard seasons despite splitting time with Calvin Jones.

4) Ahman Green – True freshman pressed into duty under bad circumstances: 1086 yards, 7.7 yds/rush, Natty! Packers all-time rushing leader.
13) I.M. Hipp – Joins team as walk on, leaves team as all-time leading rusher.

5) Guy Chamberlain – George Halas: “Chamberlin was the best 2-way end I’ve ever seen…a triple-threat performer on offense.” Went 23-0-1.
12) Ken Clark – Two seasons over 1100 yards rushing

6) Roy Helu Jr – Most rushing yards ever in a single game (307 vs Missouri)
11) Lawrence Phillips – Over 1700 yards in 1994. Possibly the most physically talented back to ever play at Nebraska.

7) Jeff Kinney – Premier back on 2 National Title teams. AA
10) Jarvis Redwine – How about this: A player transferring from Oregon State to Nebraska? Then becoming an All-American? Nice!

8) Rex Burkhead – Mr. Versatile. He ran, he caught, he blocked, he threw!
9) Calvin Jones – Two 1000+ rushing seasons. 6.8 yds/rush.

Source: Corn Nation