It is a battle between #1 and #2 for the title of “Ultimate Nebraska Quarterback” Thank you again to BrewCityHSKR for the idea and setting up the original bracket (that the CN staff altered a bit).
While I’m still a bit bummed that Turner Gill didn’t make the final four, I am pretty excited about this championship round. It is “Touchdown Tommie” vs “Black 41 Flash Reverse”. It is a quarterback who should have won a Heisman vs one who did. A quarterback who has two national championship rings vs one who didn’t have the supporting cast to overcome a buzzsaw of a Miami team in the national championship game.
Who is the ultimate Nebraska quarterback, Tommie Frazier or Eric Crouch?

1) Tommie Frazier – How many tackles can one man break? ( bio)
2) Eric Crouch – Record for most rushing TDs, Heisman trophy 2001 ( bio)

Enjoy some highlights of both quarterbacks!

Source: Corn Nation