All of the “passing” quarterbacks have been eliminated in favor of some of the best running QBs in Nebraska history Thank you again to BrewCityHSKR for the idea and setting up the original bracket (that the CN staff altered a bit).
There does seem to be a pattern in the final four. Some of the best running quarterbacks in Nebraska history have been elevated above the guys who were better passers.
The original poll showed that Joe Ganz out-dueled #1 seed Tommie Frazier for a spot in the final four. We ended up nixing that one after looking at the data – some good old Chicago style voting appeared to be at work (was definitely at work).
We did have one upset of note. Scott Frost edging out Turner Gill (53% to 47%) was a big surprise to me. I probably would have voted Gill the champ.

1) Tommie Frazier – How many tackles can one man break? ( bio)
5) Taylor Martinez – Only Husker QB to ever have 2000+ yds passing and 1000+ yds rushing in a season ( bio)

2) Eric Crouch – Record for most rushing TDs, Heisman trophy 2001 ( bio)
6) Scott Frost – took heat in ‘96, led team to national title in 97, still came back to Lincoln for an even worse job than starting QB ( bio)

Who should be in the finals?

Source: Corn Nation