Brad Knight

March Madness was cancelled, but signing day remains for us all to cling to a bit of normalcy in the sporting world for now. Follow along here as we break down the 2020 class for Nebrasketball. We will have periodic updates throughout the day as the class fills out.
For the basics on the class as a whole, though, here is the breakdown of rankings:

24/7 lists Nebraska as 14th in the Big Ten and 87th nationally.
Rivals lists Nebraska as 14th in the Big Ten and does not list Nebraska in the top 79 nationally (they stop at 79).
I don’t pay for ESPN+ so I can’t give you any input, if any, ESPN has.

Something to bear in mind with basketball rankings is the smaller class size can greatly influence rankings. Any given season a team may only have one scholarship available, so naturally that class, even if they get the number one recruit in rankings, will potentially still fall below a class of four relatively highly ranked recruits consisting of highly touted three and four stars for example.

Source: Corn Nation