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We’re still here. HEY!
First of all, I didn’t pick this.
I realize that you might have come here for SPORTSIN but it ain’t going on.
I know. I’m feeling that tragic loss in my life too. Greg Sharp has to be one of the most wonderful voices in baseball, and then there’s Kent’s “BANGARANG” that yields a lot of respect.
We have built a community. We’re not going to let that go just because there ARE NO SPORTS. We’re still here. We’ll still be here when this shit virus flies over us and we’ll be back stronger than ever!
So join us tonight you fucks!
Tonight is Life of Brian
At some point you’ll be told to “Press Play”
It’s like the beginning of a sportsin.
Play along, mother fuckers.

Important-to-know information: It’s on Netflix and we’ll hit PLAY at 8pm Central.

Source: Corn Nation