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and The Morning After “Of course it would happen that way. I mean, it’s making me old before my time, some of these things and not having a healthy scholarship kicker certainly hasn’t been ideal for us.”
That was Nebraska Coach Scott Frost. Nebraska football fans agree. In a game in which Nebraska wins on a walk-off field goal Husker football fans can exhale. At least for one week.
This is the team we have folks. A team that appears at this point to have trouble getting receivers open. Running between the tackles isn’t much easier. The high snaps haven’t changed.
This is who Nebraska is going to be for the time being. Probably for the rest of the season.
If we accept this, then maybe we won’t have to age several years during games for the remaining seven games of the season.
It looks like starting quarterback Adrian Martinez might be injured. For how long it remains to be seen. Some fans, in my opinion wrongfully, have been calling to see Noah Vedral get some time.
Well it looks like his opportunity might be coming next week as Martinez was helped off the field after the game. It will be a night game next week in Minneapolis against an undefeated Minnesota team.
At this point it will be easier to expect what should be expected. A team that will rely on big plays to score and not long-sustaining drives.
Perhaps if you want to think outside of the box a bit then you could venture into a world in which a native Nebraskan from Norfolk who is a walk-on safety transfer from Air Force hits a game winning field goal.

My Two Cents About the Officiating
It was not good. They are doing their best but it was not good. Northwestern got the benefit of multiple penalties that I would consider flopping by Northwestern. There was the block in the back on the punt return and a pass inference. Those were two huge calls. I was yelling at the television.
However. On the interception by Lamar Jackson the officials missed a HUGE call that went against Northwestern as Will Honas destroyed the receiver.
Maybe it evens out. I don’t know.
The Morning After…
I think it is appropriate to start with this.

M . O . O . D— Nebraska Football (@HuskerFBNation) October 5, 2019

Super happy for Noah Vedral. He’s been unselfish, patient, and taken a long road to ultimately get back to Nebraska. His number got called today and he stepped up when his team needed him. Pretty cool.— Nick Bahe (@NickBahe) October 5, 2019

WATCH – Noah Vedral (@Noah_11V) a Wahoo native, on leading the game-winning drive for Lane McCallum (a Norfolk native) to make the field goal: “It’s cool because it was just two Nebraska kids. From here, raised here. #Huskers— Andrew Ward (@AndrewWardKLKN) October 5, 2019

Lane McCallum, Noah Vedral. 2 in state kids who went away and returned to help the coach that left and came back to victory. #Huskers storytime kids.— Mike’l Severe (@MikelSevere) October 6, 2019

If you want a sense of what McCallum’s kick meant: NW had won its last 5 OT games. Nebraska had lost its last five.— Sam McKewon (@swmckewonOWH) October 6, 2019

McCallum said the dog pile “that hurt. That was not fun.”Said he’s had nightmares about being in a dog pile and suffocating.This is some interview. McCallum’s great.— Sam McKewon (@swmckewonOWH) October 5, 2019

Frost said the injuries to Martinez and Spielman are likely “not too serious.”— Sam McKewon (@swmckewonOWH) October 5, 2019

Man that was two bad calls that could’ve completely changed this game. How does the John O’Neill crew miss that? This is supposed to be the top crew in the conference.— Sean Callahan (@Sean_Callahan) October 5, 2019

Northwestern QB Aiden Smith on playing at Memorial Stadium: “I love the energy. My whole entire extended family is from Nebraska, so I grew up coming here, watching games, watching them in the Big 12, so I felt comfortable.”— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) October 6, 2019

#Huskers safety Cam Taylor-Britt caused a fumble in the third quarter, marking his fourth fumble caused of the season. His four forced fumbles tie Alonzo Whaley (2012) and Barrett Ruud (2003) for the most forced fumbles by a Husker since 2000.— Nate Clouse (@NateClouse) October 6, 2019

nah, i’ll always rep the 502 tho— Wandale Robinson (@wanda1erobinson) October 6, 2019

To Be Honest. This. Is. Awesome. Embrace.

@LosHuskers WIN!!!The final call from an amazing @KCTicoSports broadcast as @LMcCallum3 wins the game on a walk-off FG! #VamosRojoGrande— Husker Sports (@HuskerSports) October 5, 2019

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