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All that matters is how many get into Folsom Field, but it looks like it could be more than a few So how much Red will get into Folsom Field? We shall see. But regardless there is nothing wrong with expecting to have 80,000 Nebraska fans in a 53,000+ seat stadium right?
A thread:

Denver Airport bar convo…Guy: “That’s an ugly color.”Me: “You’re one of those?”Guy: “How many of you are coming?”Me: “Probably 25,000 or so…”Guy: “Oh. S**t.”#GBR— Bill Schammert (@BillSchammert) September 6, 2019

At a gas station in Brush. Full of Husker fans. The migration is on.— Sam McKewon (@swmckewonOWH) September 6, 2019

There are so many husker fans at the Denver airport right now it’s insane. Had a few beers with a guy who is the brother-in-law with a guy I used to work with in Lincoln. Small world. #CURedOut #GBR— Joey Hoile (@JHoile324) September 6, 2019

Nothing but skers at every rest stop. Not even kidding, rest stop near Sterling Co 10 cars with skers plates and 5 different people in skers gear in the men’s bathroom. I was only there for 5 mins. #themigration #CUredout— Collin Humps (@CollinHumps) September 6, 2019

This sports bar down on Pearl Street is about 65% Husker fans.— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) September 7, 2019

Thank you @CUBuffs season ticket holder Johnathan M, you did not #keeptheredout @CURedOut. 5 more huskers packing Folsom on Saturday! #GBR #itsonlymoneyhunny #cuREDIN @HuskGuys— Cool Ethan (@EYEoftheSTEIG) September 6, 2019

All Red Baby! #CURedOut #GBR— Go Big Redcast (@GoBigRedCast) September 7, 2019

It’s official, Boulder has been overrun. #CURedOut— Mike Schaefers Beard (@SchaefersBeard) September 7, 2019

#CURedOut Go Big Red! Go Big Red! Go Big Red!!!! Fight song blaring, rolling into Denver!— KO (@huskerkyle73) September 6, 2019

Colorado fans are starting to realize the Big Red invasion is real, and their message board reactions are priceless #CURedOut #GBR— ❄️Go Big Red❄️ (@GBRFootball8) September 7, 2019

There must be 80% #Huskers fans out in Boulder tonight. It is a #CURedOut! @HuskerSports is kicking off the pre-game show in a few hours!— Ol C (@CreighJAysker) September 7, 2019

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