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The head coach blames himself for making players think too much and Husker players let on to having a little extra motivation on Saturday, The live stream was malfunctioning, so I couldn’t listen to the press conference. Here’s a tweetcap of the parts I missed.
The theme of the presser (at least from the players)?

I don’t remember the #Huskers of the 1990s being so candid about their disdain for Colorado. Between Darrion Daniels on Saturday and Cam Taylor-Britt and JoJo Domann today, it’s pretty apparent the rivalry, or whatever it is, was rekindled last year.— Eric Olson (@ericolson64) September 2, 2019

Adrian Martinez

Not many sophomores are voted team captains.Then again, not every sophomore gets it like @HuskerFBNation’s@MartinezTheQB.”I’ll take that responsibility, because my teammates deserve better out of me, and I have to be able to bring it at a higher level.”— Nebraska On BTN (@NebraskaOnBTN) September 2, 2019

Martinez said he saw more intensity and focus in today’s practice. “I think it was a lot better than last week.”— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) September 2, 2019

On Friday(?) Frost did say he wasn’t happy with two of the practices last week, so let’s hope this is true.

Adrian Martinez says his injury in the Colorado game last year was unfortunate. Says injuries are part of football #Huskers— Kevin Sjuts (@kevinsjuts) September 2, 2019

As Nate mentioned in his “morning after” article, the leadership of Adrian Martinez is certainly not an issue. He seems very motivated for the offense to redeem themselves this weekend.
He also was very careful to dance around the injury he suffered versus Colorado last season and not make it seem like a motivation.
Cameron Taylor-Britt
Sophomore defensive back Cam Taylor has added his stepfather’s name to his jersey.

Cam Taylor-Britt says he added the hyphen and last name of his step father during the off-season. #Huskers— (@HuskerOnline) September 2, 2019

Nebraska DB Cam Taylor-Britt says Colorado receivers “were probably at the top” among the wideouts the #Huskers faced last year. Will be a big challenge again Saturday.— Evan Bland (@EvanBlandOWH) September 2, 2019

Colorado does have some talent there and a solid quarterback as well. The secondary will need to be solid again this weekend.

Cam Taylor-Britt not shying away from the importance of playing well against Colorado after last season. “It’s a target on their head, man, basically. We’re going to go out there and play Nebraska football.”— Evan Bland (@EvanBlandOWH) September 2, 2019

“It’s a target on their head,” Nebraska defensive back Cam Taylor-Britt says of Colorado, when asked about the injury Adrian Martinez suffered last year against the Buffs.— Mitch Sherman (@mitchsherman) September 2, 2019

JoJo Domann

JoJo Domann on if he took a visit to Colorado during his recruitment: “I did. And I came here. Thank God I came here.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) September 2, 2019

JoJo is a Colorado native. I think most Husker fans are happy he is here in Lincoln too.

No new Blackshirts this week, JoJo Domann says. #Huskers— Derek Peterson (@DrPeteyHV) September 2, 2019

#Huskers JoJo Domann, Colorado native, on the Buffs: “We dislike these guys a little more than some other teams. We’re going to take it to them like anybody else.”— Eric Olson (@ericolson64) September 2, 2019

Domann on Colorado quarterback Steven Montez:”He’s good. He can sling it. He’s mobile. Doesn’t like to get hit. But he can throw it …”— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) September 2, 2019

#Huskers DB JoJo Domann, a Colorado native, says, “hopefully that place is all red.”— Parker Gabriel (@HuskerExtraPG) September 2, 2019

Folsom Field holds a little over 53,600. Any guesses as to how many of them will be wearing red on Saturday?
Scott Frost

Scott Frost: “I think we got a little too scheme-y with what we were expecting from (South Alabama).”#Huskers— Matt Reynoldson (@MattReynKLKN) September 2, 2019

That is a new word. I thought the Huskers perhaps deployed too basic a plan and were simply trying to evaluate personnel and hope that superior athletes won the day. This quote seems to point in a different direction?

Frost says as a coaching staff, they need to do a better job of play calling. He says they did too much scheming on Saturday. #Huskers— (@HuskerOnline) September 2, 2019

Frost: “We’ve got to do a better job as a coaching staff.” Mentions NU has to practice better. “Good thing is, we’ve got their ear on that.” #huskers— Sam McKewon (@swmckewonOWH) September 2, 2019

Scott Frost said he loves Adrian Martinez, but said the sophomore didn’t have his best practices last week. #Huskers— Adam Krueger (@AdamKruegerTV) September 2, 2019

Frost on how to fix the #Huskers’ offensive issues: >> the coaching staff has to do a better job of putting the offense in better situations>> the snap thing needs to get worked out>> practices need to be better early in the week— Derek Peterson (@DrPeteyHV) September 2, 2019

We’ve been hearing all through fall camp on how much better practices were than in 2018. I think this tells us that we have a long way to go yet.
Talk of 10 wins probably needs to be put back on the shelf (along with the Kool-Aid) for now. I was guessing an 8-4 record for Nebraska, but I’m considerably more concerned about reaching that mark now than I was a week ago. I don’t think the sky is falling or anything like that, but some of the issues on display (cough…offensive line…cough) are going to take some time to iron out.

Frost on Martinez: “When he runs, I want to see an I-back in a QB uniform.” #Huskers— Jake Sorensen (@937JakeSorensen) September 2, 2019

Frost said status of Deontai Williams for this week still unknown.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) September 2, 2019

The hard-hitting safety exited the game on Saturday in the 3rd (?) quarter and didn’t return.

Frost says the Colorado game last year was a different coaching staff, and a different team.“This year’s different, this team’s different.” #Huskers— (@HuskerOnline) September 2, 2019

Frost, on his players’ comments about Buffs: “I’m not crazy about using those thing as motivation.” Frost notes it’s a different staff at CU this year, but acknowledges there’s always more “juice” for NU-CU games. #Huskers— Eric Olson (@ericolson64) September 2, 2019

Frost says Dedrick Mills ran hard, ran well, didn’t have a lot of holes, also missed a few cuts. Frost reiterates that coaching staff needed to call better plays.— Sam McKewon (@swmckewonOWH) September 2, 2019

Laviska Shenault is “big, strong and fast,” Frost says. “He’s one of the best receivers I’ve coached against.”— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) September 2, 2019

Frost says the defense did what they were supposed to do on Saturday. He says it was hard to find mistakes. #Huskers— (@HuskerOnline) September 2, 2019

Early in the game, I was concerned about some of the holes in the middle of the Blackshirts that South Alabama was able to run through. They did seem to clean that up as the game went on.

Frost when asked about Barret Pickering:“We don’t talk about injuries, but good try.” #Huskers— (@HuskerOnline) September 2, 2019

Lots of talk about altitude. It’s mostly irrelevant.”I don’t remember it all when I played there. I don’t remember our kids talking about it,” Frost says.— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) September 2, 2019

Scott Frost at the podium for less than 15 minutes. The mood today appears to be all business for #Huskers ESPECIALLY on offense.— Adam Krueger (@AdamKruegerTV) September 2, 2019

You often hear coaching staffs say things like “we’ve got to put our guys in better position”, but Frost says “we’ve got to call better plays”. You also hear coaches say “we’ve got some things to fix” but Frost says “we have to practice better”. The differences are subtle, but they are different than typical coach speak. For what that’s worth.
More Sights and Sounds

Walk out to hear Garrett Nelson say he places a high emphasis on going so hard on the field he nearly throws up in his helmet.K. #Huskers— Derek Peterson (@DrPeteyHV) September 2, 2019

Eric Lee didn’t play in last year’s game against Colorado. He played high school ball in Colorado but didn’t come close to attending CU.Yes, he said, it hurt not getting in last year’s game.— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) September 2, 2019

Lamar Jackson says the defensive backs have a “next man up” mentality and the versatility to play a lot of positions.He said they need to be able to fill in when a guy is out.— Matt Reynoldson (@MattReynKLKN) September 2, 2019

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