It’s a chance for the Big Ten West to go 3-0. Are you working today?
A lot of you are taking the week off. That’s based upon how little traffic I encountered on my commute yesterday in Minneapolis. Today I’m working at home. Yes, I am actually working.
So far, I’ve fixed a SQL server that’s been having space issues (incorrect settings on transaction log backup if you really want to know). Also trying to get through a test upgrade of a SQL/IIS application before we do the production upgrade. It’s exciting stuff!
Today’s bowl games look somewhat exciting!
Will Auburn be motivated? Will Purdue’s offense obliterate a SEC team who will then claim they “didn’t really want to be there” because that’s what they do when they lose.
Syracuse vs West Virginia should lead to MOAR INTERCEPTIONS.
And then there’s the Busch Light-crazed Iowa State fans. It’d be easy to make fun of them because of their taste in beer, but you have to admit, Busch Light is one of the better pee-based American beers out there. At least I think it is. I don’t believe I’ve had one in years. I know they make a good base for red beer.
The game – The “Little Engine That Kinda Could” Cyclones against Mike Leach’s Washington State team that probably deserved a better bowl than this. You know utter madness is on the schedule!

Source: Corn Nation