A lot of reasons for hope and a couple concerns For the first time this season I’m excited for what is to come.
If you can’t walk away from the loss yesterday at Camp Randall with reasons for optimism, then there is nothing I can do for you.
All of the offensive weapons we knew about coming into the season, and a couple that weren’t on campus until Frost showed up came to play last night.
JD Spielman, Stanley Morgan, Adrian Martinez and finally Maurice Washington.
Spielman set two receiving records last night. One was most receiving yards in a single game in Nebraska program history (he previously owned that record) and most receiving yards by an opposing receiver at Camp Randall.
So Spielman is now on the Wisconsin record books.
Then there was the revelation that was Maurice Washington. He sure looks like he is going to be something special. The duo of Washington and Martinez for years to come could be an issue for the rest of the Big Ten.
Oh ya. Martinez. He is only scratching the surface of what he is going to be able to do in this offense and he had 441 yard of total offense last night. Good enough for fourth best in school history.
However, while Nebraska was able to put up all those yards, they only scored 24 points which leads me to the next point. Penalties. The yellow stuff on the field needs to become far more rare than they have been this season. I didn’t see as many “dumb” penalties last night, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t drive killers.
And then the other elephant in the room is the defense. I think while our offense may have arrived fives games into Scott Frost’s tenure, it may take a season or two for an adequate defense to emerge.
And when that happens it’s going to be fun. Like I said I am excited and I think you should be too.

Steven M. Sipple: As water rises all around Huskers, Frost tries to keep boat afloat | Football journalstar.com

Folks have been known to call this The City of Four Lakes.
Water, water … everywhere.
In the world of Nebraska football, the water keeps rising. Losses keep coming. If you’re a Husker fan, it’s like your basement is taking in water and you’re praying the rain will just … please … stop.

Huskers fall to 0-5, but upbeat Frost says, ‘The boys are close’ – Parker Gabriel: Lincoln Journal-Star

In the end, the same old mistakes kept Nebraska from really scaring Wisconsin on Saturday night at Camp Randall Stadium.
This time, though, after Nebraska lost 41-24 to the No. 16 Badgers, falling to to 0-5 and extending the program’s losing streak to nine games overall, Husker head coach Scott Frost couldn’t help but take an upbeat tone.

Martinez takes step forward despite loss – Michael Bruntz: Nebraska 24/7

Stanley Morgan Jr.. admitted after Saturday’s game that he learned an important fact about freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez.
“I just learned this week that he’s 18,” Morgan said after Saturday’s loss to Wisconsin.
That fact is an important one to keep in mind about the freshman quarterback, especially viewed through the lens of his future ability as a quarterback in Nebraska’s offense.

Frost sees encouraging signs even as Huskers fall to 0-5 – Brian Christopherson: Nebraska 24/7

At the end of a week that saw two players leave the team, and the Huskers drop a game that pushed them down to 0-5, you might not guess a head coach would strike an optimistic tone.
But Scott Frost hit that note on Saturday night as he reflected on Nebraska’s 41-24 loss to No. 16 Wisconsin. It seemed to have him just as much encouraged as disappointed.
To understand that fully, you maybe need to start with this statement from Frost: “Right now, they’re just better than we are.” Wear that statement as a reality, and then review. And his review of what he saw was far from all bad.

After a Fifth Straight Loss for Nebraska, There Is . . . Optimism | Hail Varsity – Derek Peterson

Nebraska lost 41-24 Saturday night. Nebraska dropped to 0-5 on the season because of it. In the postgame, there was … optimism. Unexpected optimism from the head coach and reciprocated optimism from the players.
There was optimism stemming from one simple fact: Nebraska feels close.

The Future of Nebraska Football in One Play That Didn’t Count | Hail Varsity – Brandon Vogel

Nebraska’s Big Ten past, present and future were all there on one play Saturday night.
The past: The Huskers were getting handled by Wisconsin again, 34-17 in the third quarter. Saturday’s 41-24 loss to the Badgers made six straight in the series and seven of eight (check) since Nebraska joined the conference. I guess this is the present as well but it felt so much of a recent vintage that I hardly noticed. I looked like just about any Nebraska-Wisconsin game this decade. The Badgers have outscored the Huskers by an average of 18.5 points over eight games in the Big Ten.

Frost sees encouraging signs even as Huskers fall to 0-5 – Brian Christopherson: Husker 24/7

At the end of a week that saw two players leave the team, and the Huskers drop a game that pushed them down to 0-5, you might not guess a head coach would strike an optimistic tone.
But Scott Frost hit that note on Saturday night as he reflected on Nebraska’s 41-24 loss to No. 16 Wisconsin. It seemed to have him just as much encouraged as disappointed.

Wisconsin football: Jonathan Taylor, Badgers roll vs Nebraska Huskers – Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Fresh off a bye week, the No. 16 Wisconsin Badgers pulled away from the Nebraska Cornhuskers in an 41–24 win on Saturday night at Camp Randall Stadium.
Wisconsin (4–1, 2–0 Big Ten) racked up 533 yards on the evening, with sophomore running back Jonathan Taylor rushing for 221 yards on 24 carries with three touchdowns, including a career-high 88-yard score.
For that matter, Nebraska showcased an explosive offense that overwhelmed Wisconsin’s defense in the second half, scoring 21 of its 24 points in the final two quarters.

Comments from Frost After the Game

Frost on Wisconsin: “Right now they’re just better than we are.”— Robin Washut (@RobinWashut) October 7, 2018

Frost: “A lot of the stuff we called worked, there were just some mistakes.”— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) October 7, 2018

“I hate losing more than anyone in the world, but I think we are on the road to getting this to a better place.” —Frost #huskers #gbr #nebraska— Megan McGill (@MeganMcGill_owh) October 7, 2018

Frost said he went for the fourth-and-11 because he figured this was a game where you had to go after points when you could. Acknowledged it backfired, as Wisconsin scored on the next drive to make it 20-3.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) October 7, 2018

Frost is surprisingly upbeat after this loss. Said there were a lot of positives to take away from the game but just too many mental mistakes.“I told the team, sometimes when you’re sick you’ve got to puke it out.”Called last week “a turning point” for the program.— Robin Washut (@RobinWashut) October 7, 2018

Scott Frost said his message to his team was, “I hope you see how close you are.” He’s heartened tonight by the way his group played and said he thought last week was a turning point. “The boys are close, we just got to make those (close) plays.” #Huskers— Parker Gabriel (@HuskerExtraPG) October 7, 2018

Frost on the two player departures this week: “I wish those two kids well. That’s probably all I should say… But at the end of the day, sometimes those things needs to happen for your team to get better.”— Robin Washut (@RobinWashut) October 7, 2018

Frost keeps hitting on the idea that if a few things go Nebraska’s way, that the game would’ve been close headed down the stretch. “The boys are close, we just gotta make those plays.”— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) October 7, 2018

So Adrian Martinez Played….an Oh-Kay Game

One thing is for certain: Adrian Martinez is going to be a lot to deal with for #Badgers until he leaves Nebraska.— Dave Heller (@dave_heller) October 7, 2018

Adrian Martinez puts a lot of the blame on himself for making some poor decisions with the ball at key points, especially in the first half.Kid had 400+ yards and three touchdowns.— Robin Washut (@RobinWashut) October 7, 2018

True freshman and he’s balling out in Madison better than the quarterbacks in2011 – redshirt sophomore2014 – redshirt sophomore 2016 – redshirt senior Bright future for Adrian Martinez.— Josh Peterson (@joshtweeterson) October 7, 2018

Martinez has made some mistakes on simple plays tonight, but has also made some spectacular ones. When that freshman inexperience wears off, this kid will be electric. #Huskers— Thor Tripp (@ThorTripp) October 7, 2018

Cant say enough about how bright the future looks for Martinez but at times he’s been too dead set on the homerun ball to Stanley even in obvious double coverage. Probably should have been picked 3 or 4 times. He’ll learn though. Kid is a gamer and has battled all night.— Nick Handley (@NickESPN590) October 7, 2018

Oh and JD Spielman…

JD Spielman just broke the single game receiving yards record at Nebraska. Up over 205, five more than he had against Ohio State last year. #Huskers— Parker Gabriel (@HuskerExtraPG) October 7, 2018

JD Spielman now owns the only two 200-yard receiving days in Husker history. His 209 yards on Saturday bettered the previous school record of 200 yards he has last year against Ohio State.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) October 7, 2018

A Couple Thoughts from the Players

Maurice Washington: “I had the best practices of my life this week.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) October 7, 2018

I love this team. I’m proud to wear the N on my helmet. We aren’t going to give up.— Brenden Jaimes (@BrendenJaimes) October 7, 2018

The tweet from Mo Barry was before the game but still. He should be a fan favorite.

I PLAY FOR NEBRASKA ! ☠️ pic.twitter.com/Y5OJRL6ioq— MoBarry 7️⃣ (@BarrySwavey) October 5, 2018

And Some Various Thoughts

General feeling after talking with some players: They really feel like they could’ve and should’ve won that game, and though 0-5, it doesn’t feel like the sky is falling.— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) October 7, 2018

New punter for Nebraska – Isaac Armstrong, walk-on from Lincoln Southwest – 57 yard punt. #huskers— Matt Coatney (@Coatman1) October 7, 2018

Nebraska needs to fully do what rhe Royals did late this summer. Admit this season isn’t going to be a success and use the games to give young talent experience. No need to have the Lucas Dudas of the Husker football team on the field anymore.— Jack Mitchell (@JackMitchellLNK) October 7, 2018

With the offense skill players being so young and very good players if I’m Nebraska I’m using every damn scholarship on the defensive side of the ball. I’ll fill guards, fullbacks, etc w walkons but until the defense upgrades a lot, and in a hurry, it gonna be hard to win. #GBR— Scott Shanle (@scottshanle) October 7, 2018

On To Next Week. Game Time Announcement and a Prediction

What will the line be for Northwestern?— John M. Bishop (@JohnBishop71) October 7, 2018

I’ve never done this so this is kind of fun. My guess is the line will be Northwestern by 7.

Nebraska-Northwestern will be on ABC next week, it was just announced. Kick time of 11 a.m. was already known.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) October 7, 2018

During the game, I predicted that the Nebraska/Northwestern game would be on ABC next week. Since, I was right about that…we’re going to win it. #imcallingitnow— Brianna Clark (@brimclark) October 7, 2018

Source: Corn Nation