Even after the loss on Saturday, one of the most encouraging things that came out of the game was the play of the defense. The defense played so horrible last year that we expected some type of improvement. However, I think most people were pleasantly surprised with the effort and physicality the defense played with in the game against Colorado.
I mean, would have you seen this from last year’s defense?

This is how you should attack a blocker on the edge, bootle just blows this guy up, did it 3 separate times during the game. Disrupted the ball carrier everytime. Furg also attacked this way. pic.twitter.com/FYhtc66whl— Jared Williams (@Williams_JaredM) September 10, 2018

Adrian Martinez Update

Sounds like Adrian Martinez did not practice today.

Adrian Martinez walked to locker room after practice today in shorts and T-shirt. Sleeve on right knee.— Steven M. Sipple (@HuskerExtraSip) September 11, 2018

So there’s that.
Also, Frost is done talking about Martinez’s injury. Frost talked to his Athletic Director about the video and the injury. Then Moos told him to turn it into the Big 10. So Frost did that, and now he is moving on.

Frost says on the weekly Big Ten conference call that he’s done talking about the play Martinez was hurt on and will have no further comment. #Huskers— Parker Gabriel (@HuskerExtraPG) September 11, 2018

Scott Frost on Adrian Martinez: “He’s in the meetings, he’s getting some reps mentally and also getting some not full speed reps on the field. We’ll figure it out as it goes along, but we’re doing our best to get every quarterback on our roster (prepared).” #Huskers— Parker Gabriel (@HuskerExtraPG) September 11, 2018

So anyways, on to the practice report as Defensive Coordinator Chinander, several defensive assistants and some players spoke to the media.

When asked how he felt about the game on Saturday, Coach Chinander immediately responded:

“Not good. Because we lost. Heartbreaking to see those guys…I think they did what we asked them to do. It’s tough for me to watch them play as hard as they did and not get a win. But with that said when you play a good football team and you make that many errors, it’s hard to win a football game. So very sad…very heart broke but encouraged that if we play the way that we can…team-wise…
…that we have a chance to win every game that we are in.”

Chinander said magnifying errors from the game will help the defense. “They’re taking it upon themselves that this is not screw-around time. We need to attack the football, we need to play like every rep matters.” #Huskers— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) September 11, 2018

#Huskers DC Erik Chinander said he was sad, heartbroken but very encouraged after Saturday’s loss to Colorado. “It was tough for me to watch them play as hard as they did and not get a win.”— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) September 11, 2018

Chinander, obviously, very pleased with the 7 sacks. “Those kids rushed the quarterback really hard. They did what we asked them to do. I was happy with the energy up front.” #Huskers— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) September 11, 2018

No QBs talking today, though Adrian Martinez again did not practice. Defensive coaches liked the effort and intensity Saturday, but there were too many penalties (11) and too few turnovers (0) for their liking.— Evan Bland (@EvanBlandOWH) September 11, 2018

Coach Chinander Explained Why Some Players Did or Did Not Receive a Blackshirt
He was asked about what it was like handing out the Blackshirts and then went into more detail about their process of determining who gets a Blackshirt:

“Ya, it was really cool. I mean…you know you come in to be the defensive coordinator at Nebraska and you can’t help but think about how awesome the Blackshirts are. But then it is time to get to the (Nut of it?) and then you have to do it. And it is hard. Really Hard…
I had to talk to every kid that didn’t get one, that maybe you guys think deserves one or the fans think deserves one but they aren’t there everyday in practice and have been with us for six months. We had to explain to these kids why they didn’t get one this week. And for some of them…you might have played great in the game but now you need to compete with yourself in practice. Maybe you didn’t go to class or maybe you were late for meetings or other behavior issues there’s a reason why each and every one of them did or did not get a Blackshirt. Some of them are on the very cusp (of getting one) and they played in the game like they should have but their habits leading up to that game didn’t warrant one.
“And I’m not saying they won’t get one during the next few weeks or by the end of the season. But right now, they are who they are.”

Coach Ruud also Answered Some Questions

ILB coach Barrett Ruud came away pleased with #Huskers overall tackling. “The few missed tackles we did miss, they were aggressive tackles. There wasn’t a fear of failure. … For the most part it was the right leverage, and they took their shots.”— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) September 11, 2018

Next step for defense: Create turnovers. #Huskers had zero against CU. “That’s what was missing, in my mind,” Ruud said. “The effort was very good, the hustle, pursuit, that was all awesome … but we need to get the ball back. That’s how our defense operates.”— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) September 11, 2018

Travis Fischer About the Secondary

Travis Fisher backed up what Tre Neal said about the two long pass plays against Bootle. Safety help should have been there quicker. “When they came off the field, I didn’t say nothing to DiCaprio. I went straight to the safeties.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) September 11, 2018

Special Teams Issues
Special Teams did not play well on Saturday as there were multiple penalties and the new likely kicker for the next several seasons missed a field goal.

Jovan Dewitt says he has to coach the special teams better. A lot of the special teams penalties were simple technique things. And he’s not all that worried about Barret Pickering.— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) September 11, 2018

Also Khalil Davis Gets to Pay Up

The defensive line has a deal where if one guy gets a sack, but other guys on the line help him get that sack, the guy who got the sack has to buy the other guys dinner. So Khalil Davis owes a few guys dinner, he said.— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) September 11, 2018

Where should Khalil take his teammates?

Source: Corn Nation