Even if they include Andy Janovich. Or Erik, self-driving cars, dreams, and zeroes. I don’t have nightmares often. Or at all.
However, the last few nights, I have had some rather intense dreams.
In the most recent one, I set off a nuclear bomb in my parents’ driveway. I had a good reason (that I don’t remember) and no one got hurt. I also didn’t get caught because seismic tracking devices traced the explosion to the headquarters of the Cleveland Browns rather than rural South Dakota.
I don’t understand it either.
The night before that one, I was trying to evade a murderer. He was trying to walk out on a road and make me drive off into a lake. It seemed terrifying at the time and I woke up in a cold sweat but I can’t figure out the reasoning behind such a sloppy method. I just drove around him and kept on going.
The worst dream was the one before that.
I dreamed I was pregnant. With twins.
At my age, that is scary shit.
I don’t know why I had all these crazy dreams. Nothing stressful has happened. I’m not on any medication, so I can’t claim to be ‘off my meds’. I lead a pretty boring life and I haven’t watched any scary movies. Maybe my brain is inventing excitement?
Also, if you read this far, you should include Erik Estrada in your comments. Or Erik Chinander. There are a growing number of Eriks around CN. (If you are trying to figure out this part, read Patrick’s county article yesterday about the guy who looks like Bo Pelini’s grandpa.) If you are a real CN old-timer, make sure to include your Jello salad recipe.
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Uhhhh… don’t make Andy Janovich angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. : @AnthonyRod33 pic.twitter.com/7F6DLgzywt— Orange & Blue 760 (@OrangeBlue760) August 3, 2018

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