Tight ends might be a big presence this coming season! I probably should have included the tight ends with the wide receivers, but… hey, offseason milking of position articles – that’s what’s going on here.
There are nine tight ends currently listed on Nebraska’s roster. Matt Snyder is still listed, but he will not be playing football. He just simply hasn’t announced it publicly.
It’s been a while since Nebraska had a really good tight end. You might go back to Cethan Carter, who played from 2013-2016 to find one of note. Before that, you’d probably have to go all the way back to Mike McNeill, who played from 2006-2010.
Jon: Jack Stoll, Austin Allen, Kurt Rafdal
All three of these guys look like they’re capable of playing, and from what we saw in the spring game, the tight end will figure prominently in the Scott Frost offense. Look at the size of these three guys, with Allen at 6-8 and Rafdal at 6-7 and you have to believe that they’ll be throwing the ball up where opposing defensive backs can’t get to it. You saw Rafdal do this for a touchdown in the spring game.
Stoll played in 12 games last season, starting one. He caught eight passes for 89 yards with two touchdowns.
Mike: Stoll, Allen, Kurt Rafdal.
Stoll received praise all spring from the coaches while Allen looked pretty impressive during the spring game. Rafdal had a nice touchdown catch as well, so I’ve got him third on the depth chart.
Andy: Stoll, Allen,Rafdal
The classic TE is going the way of Ben Miles & the FB. Picture Austin Allen trying to block a LB then disagree with me. 6’3” 250 has become 6’5 220. See Mizzou – the Booger Daniel years – for the new blueprint.

Source: Corn Nation