There’s a lot going on at practice…. kind of. That headline tells you about all we know about this Nebraska football team.
We’re going to keep re-iterating that point because we want web hits and discussion just like anyone else.
It is also excellent practice for us as we try to make sure we’re spelling everyone’s names correctly.
Today, defensive coordinator Erik Chinander spoke to the media after practice. He said things that coach is supposed to say when it’s spring ball, with some emphasis by me:

”We’re just trying to clean things up today, get them to go faster,” Chinander said of today’s practice.
On the secondary, Chinander said “we haven’t had major injuries back there, but we’ve had some guys knicked up and some sickness. So, we’ve had a lot of guys getting reps with ones and twos. To be honest, there’s not really a depth chart jumping out at me yet. Everybody has to improve.
”You don’t feel great about it when you look at the roster and there’s only eight scholarship defensive backs. So, that’s not a great feeling,” he said of the secondary depth. “But, the guys that we have are playing good. Some of the guys that are walk ons are playing well right now. We’ll get a couple more in the fall, so by the time the fall rolls around I think we’ll have some decent depth there.”

Chinander is excited for the spring game. You are excited for the spring game. I AM EXCITED FOR THE SPRING GAME, BUT THERE’S A FRIGGIN’ BLIZZARD GOING ON OUTSIDE.
“To be honest with you, what I’m trying to do is not trick the offense. We could go out there and throw out all kinds of crazy stuff. I don’t want to trick the offense. I want to get lined up, I want to see who knows their technique, I want to see who can block, I want to see who can tackle, period. So, that’s what we’re trying to do.”
Hey, I bet if our defense actually tackled the offense it would be a PRETTY GOOD TRICK THIS YEAR, HUH?
”The point for me is to get a fair evaluation in a game like atmosphere and see who can play with who and who can actually do it.”
A “game like atmosphere”?
Will there be booing if there is bad play? I don’t think so, so that’s not exactly “game like”, is it?
Lamar Jackson! Aaron Williams!

Most improved cornerback this spring, Fisher said, is Lamar Jackson. Because of lack of depth at corner, Fisher has plugged in some safeties there, including Deontai Williams and Aaron Williams on Saturday. #Huskers— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) April 14, 2018


Travis Fisher said his secondary isn’t getting enough hands on balls. “That’s one thing I’m not very pleased with,” he said. “We get our share of PBUs but PBUs don’t win ball games. We need turnovers. We need picks.” #Huskers— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) April 14, 2018

Jaylin Bradley feels confident! (This is not sarcasm. He sounds like he feels confident, doesn’t he?)

Some other notes: Tony Butler has been playing cornerback, P Caleb Lightbourn has been handling some kickoffs and RB Jaylin Bradley said he’s a much better fit for this offense; likes one-on-one opportunities. #Huskers— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) April 14, 2018


No surprise on this, but punter Caleb Lightbourn is working on kickoffs as well. He was practicing that last year too, preparing to try to win that job after Drew Brown left.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) April 14, 2018

Practice has been over for 30 minutes. Tristan Gebbia is still on the practice field throwing to receivers.— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) April 14, 2018


A quick note: this is every practice. Photographers have to wait to do stand ups on the field until he leaves, which is sometimes up to 40 minutes after practice.— Christopher Heady (@heady_chris) April 14, 2018


Jovan Dewitt: “One of the rules we have in our meeting room is, ‘Make me say ‘whoa’ and not ‘giddy up.’”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) April 14, 2018


“I wouldn’t say we have a bell cow right now, a guy on the field the guys can rally around,” Chinander said of search for a vocal leader. #Huskers— Brian Rosenthal (@GBRosenthal) April 14, 2018

and then it’s a shitload of time before anything real with regards to football happens again.
Unless someone gets arrested.
(P.S. We don’t want anyone getting arrested.)

Source: Corn Nation