Frost said a lot of things last night. Scott Frost was on Sports Nightly last night with Greg Sharpe.Brian Christopherson of 247 tweeted out a break down of Frost’s appearance. I listened via the Tune In Pro Radio app on the iPhone. I didn’t tweet because I am really slow in translating speech to text. I would be a horrible computer, even if we were back in the Apple II days.
Frost called some of his own guys fat…

“There’s already been some big gains made,” Frost said of the weight room work. He said it “kind of looks like The Biggest Loser” comparing pictures of some guys seven weeks ago to now.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

That’s how I’m going to take that. I’ve watched many episodes of “Biggest Loserâ€�. Some people go through an amazing transformation. If one wanted to over-analyze… and make more of this comment than it really is… one might point out how many times on “Biggest Loserâ€� that contestants talked about how they used food as a comfort for feeling insecure, or having low self-esteem.
Could it be that the new regime’s strength and conditioning program will do the same to our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers? Could they rid them of their “losing� ways and be teaching them how to win while getting them in shape at the same time?
YOU WANT IT TO BE. This was clearly a strategic quote from our beloved new coach Scott Frost.
No doubt Jillian Whatsherbucket will show up wearing tight clothes to yell at people and sell a work out video.

Frost has just got started watching last year’s film to get a feel for the personnel. Staff is spending more time catching up on 2019 recruiting class. “We feel like we’re behind so we’ve been working on that real hard.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

I have no idea why you’d do this. I would think that watching last year’s film would be a giant waste of time, but college football coaches probably work about 20 hours a day… so you’d figure they’d stick this in somewhere.
I can only imagine comments and notes they make while watching.
“That guy doesn’t know how to tackle.â€� “That guy can’t turn his hips.â€� “Why does he take a step back when he’s blocking?â€� “That guy… what the… hell…â€�
(I’d like to point out that these are much milder than what I believe they’d be saying. I’m thinking streams of profanity while all the while maintaining the public persona of people who do not swear because Nebraska football = religious connotations.)

As for the depth chart, “There’s going to be some guys I think everybody is going to know are the lead guys. But I think for the most part, we’re hitting the reset button and starting over.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

This is just common sense. I’m sure we (people who write about this Nebraska team) will all speculate as to what a depth chart will look like because that’s what we do.
When I heard this comment from Frost, I couldn’t help but think of Bo Pelini’s repeated lines about “competition�, and how competition was constant. Remember also that Pelini didn’t release a depth chart, at least before the season started.
Will Frost do the same?

Frost: Five best are going to play on the O-line. If someone is the second best left tackle, but can be the best guard, he’ll be out there. “Nebraska used to be Offensive Line U, and we want it to be Offensive Line U,” Frost said. But noted it’ll take time/work to build that.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

Again, common sense, but if he doesn’t sub offensive linemen are we going to start complaining about it the way we did with that last coach.. you know.. the guy we couldn’t stand because he didn’t have a rotation?
I’m just sayin’…

Frost favors rule proposal of freshmen being able to play 4 games but still redshirt. “I think it really protects the players.” He’s not as big on players transferring & immediately playing. “That would be a nightmare. You’d have coaches recruiting players from other teams.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

I missed this part.
“Recruiting players from other teams� is code for “paying players to come to our SEC school�.

Frost said Gebbia and POB have both been doing a great job, can really throw it well, and are getting stronger. Said he thinks both QBs have enough running capabilities to go get 6 or 7 when needed in this offense.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

One might assume that when he’s saying this, Frost envisions an offensive line that blocks. One might also assume that Frost’s offensive is as full of misdirection as they come, and that both Tristan Gebbia and Patrick O’Brien can get that many yards before anyone realizes they have the ball.
Six or seven?
That’s way more than two or three.
Nebraska was 89th nationally in third down conversions last season over the season and 99th in the month of November.
Husker fans have spent an inordinate amount of time the past few years going mad over what might happen on third and two.

Nebraska’s QB competition is going to be one of the best we’ve seen in a good while. Predictions on who will win are fun, but listen to Frost talk about the flexibility of his offense & it only affirms that none of us have a clue who the favorite might be. There isn’t one.— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

HEYOOOOOO, there will be a new Martinez to kick around this spring! Adrian Martinez is the new guy on the block, remember?
Do you suppose this quarterback competition will be like the last one involving Taylor Martinez in that Frost will refuse to name a starter before the first game in which the new quarterback starts?
Most everyone thought Zac Lee would be the starter going into the 2010 season. Surprise! He wasn’t!
Waiting until the opening game to announce a starter would be fun and annoy the media at the same time. I doubt it happens, but if it does, we will love it because Scott Frost.

Frost offered some props for Bo, saying that while he took some lumps and couldn’t quite get over the hump to win a conference title, “Coach Pelini did a really good job.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

That’s nice of Frost to say that, mostly because there’s really no need to say anything derogatory about the guys that came before you. Their records did their talking for them, and whatever happened is in the past.
Best just forget about them, laugh at yourself, and hope for a great future. (Note I said, “laugh at yourself�, not “continue to jab that one guy who thought Mike Riley was going to be successful because you have to have the last word, always be right and it’s not your fault you’ve been divorced three times�.)

Frost said there will be one practice before spring break. The rest come after. “Once they come back from that time off, they need to be ready to work.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

He used the same quote about Christmas break.
Maybe it will be a catch phrase for the 2018 Nebraska football season. It’s not bad. It’s certainly better than last year’s catch phrase, which apparently was “…â€�

Frost said they’re considering opening a second practice to fans who couldn’t get a ticket to the spring game. “We’ll see where that lands. We’re kicking that around right now.”— Brian Christopherson (@Husker247BC) March 8, 2018

Are they gonna check and make sure that people who come to the second practice aren’t those who made it to the spring game?
The logistics would be interesting. The bars and restaurants and the Haymarket Area would love it. Perhaps you would too.
Just to check, it looks like prices on spring game tickets have at least come down to somewhere more normal – shows tickets at $28. They’re not great seats… the good seats range from $80 to $178, so, yeah, it would be kind of more than nice to have a second open practice.
We’ll wait and see, just like everything else going on with Nebraska football.

Source: Corn Nation