It’s a good night for an alternative game thread of discussion topics relevant to CN community members. Heyooooo….. I thought we’d have a game thread tonight if for no other reason than to ring in the 2018 New Year, and to celebrate UCF’s National Title in college football!!!!!
Florida governor declares UCF 2017’s national champion – SBNation.comThat’s not really how this works, but sure!
UCF’s national championship claim: 16 excellent details – SBNation.comIt’s one part classic college football, one part bucking the system.
There are other things beyond UCF to discuss, such as:
Your New Year’s Resolution
The last good book you read
What show(s) you’re binge watching now
What video game(s) you’re playing right now
Star Wars (no spoilers)
Your personal relationships and the holidays
Puppies, Kittens and Other Animals You Adore
Your New Instant Pot
The raw water fad
Bar coding
Why it’s been so damned cold out
I want a new Android tablet – recommendations
What you’d like to see from us at CN this year
and any other topics you might feel are relevant on such a beautiful Monday night!

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