Nebraska fans, we need a palate cleanser. There is unease in the Husker kingdom, and we need a reset. There’s no better reset than a blowout. A blowout win, to be more precise.
It’s a different era than the 90s. The standards and expectations are different, but when people started to doubt the direction of a particular season, nothing calmed the waters more than seeing TO’s crew hang 70 on Pacific or make a top-10 Kansas squad look like an FCS school.
Do we have the horses to drop 12 touchdowns on Minnesota? Unlikely. But we do have the capability of winning by four scores against Northern Illinois, and that’s what this team, what this state, is desperately in need of.
You know what else you’re desperately in need of? Our friggin’ postgame takes after the Oregon whatever-the-hell-that-game-was. And our previews for the Huskers-Huskies tussle.
You can get all that and more on this week’s Cobcast!
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Source: Corn Nation